skills score of 101?

I saw today that there were skills scores over 100 being posted for the driver skills challenge. I counted and it seems the highest possible is 66. I was wondering if there is other points i’m missing or if these are just fake scores.

You combine driver skills and programming skills for a total. Could that be it?

Yes, driver and programming skills are combined. The max possible for each individual run is 76.

I think you are mistaken.

The max skills score is 76 (x2) or 152 combined

4x4Cubes (16)
24x2Stars (48)
Total: (76).

If you get 50 on programming and robot skills 101 pts is easy.

Trick here is to get programming to score as high as driver skills. Although that may not be so hard if we get that replay program working >_>

plz tell me this is real

Yes, while on most robots this is not possible you can also create a skills only bot that has everything positioned in the most efficient way to get the highest score possible. This isn’t particularly difficult.
Downside is that the same robot won’t be able to defend itself as well in competition.

Historically the best skills robots have been the best competition robots as well, like Disco, Lynfield, Green Eggs, Curahee. A robot that does well in competition will do well in skills and vice versa.

We have it done, we even can use sensor input.

I got it done three and a half years ago. Good luck trying to get max skills with a replay program though.

Yeah, that has been a limitation. It seems to be quite consistent, but we need more than quite.

Does anyone think that any of the Hawaii Teams are going to top the high score today at the State Championship? Right now 359A has a listed 39 programming skills run so they would need “just” a 64 driver skills run to get 103. 4142A has put up a 97 after two programming and one driver run.

I prefer programming a a replay of what the robot does in the team members’ heads with PID and other relatively consistent things.

Called it :slight_smile:

Hardware is also an important part of skills as it directly affects how many you score.

Well, this year dropping the stars in the near zone quickly has been working fairly well because it overwhelms the opposing team. It isn’t too high scoring but it works.

Definitely is something