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We have read the Appendix B - Skills Challenge document. In the Robot Skills Challenge Scoring does not mention the 40 points for Elevate a Mobile Goal on a balanced platform. What does it means, the 40 points will be scored if we elevate a mobile goal on a platform??

Tysm for reading and asking my questions :smiley:

This would be a good Official Q&A question. The section you mentioned reads, in full:

With no mention of Elevated Goals. One could make a “common sense” argument that since:

  • Elevated Robots are mentioned, an Elevated Goal should receive the 40 points
  • Alliance goals scored in their Zone receive 20 points, so only Elevated Goals on their Platform color would receive 40 points
  • Neutral goals scored in either Zone receive 20 points, and would therefore receive 40 points if Elevated on either Platform

But definitely best to get an official ruling

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Mogos do count for points on platforms.

Points are awarded according to the same scoring rules as standard VEX Robotics Competition Tipping Point head-to-head Matches