Skills scores less than two weeks before State Championship (VRC Qualifying Criteria)

According to the VRC Qualifying Criteria (emphasis mine):
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(among other criteria)

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Is it ever possible for a team to qualify for Worlds through a Skills score it obtained less than two weeks before its State/Regional/Provincial Championship?

For example, suppose that Florida hosts their State Championship on February 16th, while Alabama hosts theirs on March 3rd. (These dates are based on last year.)

Suppose there is a team from Tallahassee, FL, who did not qualify for the Florida State Championship. After failing to qualify for States by February 4th, the team competes at some official qualifying events in Alabama and some other events in Florida (Skills Only events and tournaments, all of which would be state qualifiers if it wasn’t for the date), all held between ten days before and three days after the Florida State Championship.

I have the following questions about scenarios like this. I understand that the answers to some of them may be up to the Regional Support Manager. [Edited to add: I also understand that the answers to questions 1-4 will depend on the answer to [url= Q&A question.] However, wherever a general rule exists:

  1. When a team qualifies for Worlds through Skills based on the Worlds spots allocated to that team’s state/region/province/country (i.e. anything other than the World Top 35/15), is this:
    A) Based on the World Skills Standings up to and including the day of the Regional Championship, or
    B) Based on the World Skills Standings as of two weeks before the State Championship (i.e. the list used for qualifying teams to that Regional Championship), plus the Skills scores from the Regional Championship itself?
    (For example, would the team from Tallahassee be able to qualify for Worlds based on an official Skills score they received in Alabama one week before the Florida State Championship?)

  2. If the deadline for Skills scores to qualify teams for Worlds through the spots allocated to that region is not the same as the deadline for the Skills scores to qualify the team for the Regional Championship, when is the deadline relative to the Regional Championship (i.e. is it the same day as the Regional Championship, one day before, one day after, two days before, etc.)? Can this rule vary between regions?

  3. Am I correct that all Skills scores earned at official events can qualify a team for Worlds through the World Top 35/15, even if the event is held less than two weeks before that team’s home region’s Regional Championship?
    (For example, if the Tallahassee team got the eventual 10th-best score in the world at an event held in Alabama one week before the Florida State Championship, but did not reach the top 35/15 with any other score, would this score qualify them for Worlds?)

  4. Do the rules quoted in this post generally apply the same for separate regions (each with its own Regional Championship) within a state as they do for separate states that each hold their own State Championship?

  5. Am I correct that if a Skills Only event is held the day after its region’s Regional Championship, it would be classified the same (i.e. scores from it count towards the World Skills Standings, but not towards the Worlds spots allocated to each region) as if it was held several weeks later (but still before March 12, 2018)?

  6. Am I correct that if a Skills Only event is held less than two weeks before its region’s Regional Championship, no Skills scores earned at this event will appear on the World Skills Standings?

Thank you so much for your time and effort, and for all you do!

EDIT: A note was added to mention that questions 1-4 will depend on the answer to another Q&A question, and minor edits were made to questions 3-4. I also removed a note-to-self which I had forgotten to remove from the initial post.

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