Skills Scores

We are not even into January yet and we have 4 scores over 100 out of a possible 152. We have teams which have scored 64 that do not appear in the top 50.

What are your predictions for the highest skills score and what are your predictions for what it will take to be in the top 50?

I think we may end up with a perfect score, but at least a 142 for the high score. I think it will take somewhere in the mid 80s to low 90s to be in the top 50.

Predictions anyone?

As we get later in the season it’s reasonable to assume many more teams will achieve high 50s and 60s driver skills, and they will have more time to dedicate to programming skills, leading to a dramatic increase in skills scores.

Similar to you, I’m predicting a minimum skills score of 85-90 to be in the top 50 this year. With the start of significant design convergence this year it’s reasonable to assume many teams will achieve a 60 point driver skills with a 30 point programming skills not out of the question.

For a high score? Hard to see a perfect drivers skills; you’d have to deliberately knock stars off all the fence and then throw them back over, but still 74 seems possible. Going with 65 for max programming; pretty difficult to get all those fence stars into the far zone with just programming. So a max of 140 (certainly would love to be wrong here and see even higher skills scores.).

Seeing that there’s already more than one perfect drivers score (IIRC) I see the maximum being quite high. Programming will be very difficult… but one really dedicated team may make it to the 70 point range, maybe even perfect. I see a perfect score in both fields a certain possibility.

I think 66 driver minimum and 50 programming minimum, for a total of 116. I don’t think anyone has perfect driver yet; the highest I have seen so far is 72 but the maximum is 76.

The hardest thing with this is that to get a perfect skills score, you have to get a perfect score on both fields at a single event, which is made even harder with the fact that the more time you spend on driver or programming, the fewer runs you have for the other. It’s certainly a possibility, but given the unpredictability of fence stars, and just autonomous in general, I don’t see it happening more than once or twice in the next 5 months.

Looks like the current best driver skills score is 72 and the current best programming skills score is 42. I think we will see a rapid increase in programming scores over the next few weeks. I do think we will see at least one team get between 142 and 152.

Has any team ever scored a perfect score in skills in any Vex game? This may be the year.

I am thinking it will take something in the 90s to get an automatic bid based on skills scores.

Gateway - it was the season that announced the arrival of the king of skills - 8065/66.


That was before my time. That was incredible. Do you know if there has ever been a team that has made a perfect score in both driving and programming skills? If not, this may be the year it happens.

I think it would be exciting to see it happen.

Out of all the years I have been in vex I have always seen them at the top for skills. They are currently number one right now as well

I think they were 1 point off a perfect score, they could have got one more in the second doubled goal if they were stacked properly. But if you count “every object being scored” as a perfect score then it is :slight_smile:

Think you are right!
Oh man… after all these years, I always thought they had a perfect score :stuck_out_tongue:

How abt your >400 pts run in sack Attack? That should be listed as one of the greatest skills runs of all times as well :slight_smile:

We now have 120 score out the and 74 points in the bottom of the top 50. It is looking like it may get to where 90 or better will be needed to qualify through skills.

Sam from 60x, who got the 72 in driver, has been able to consistently achieve a perfect driver of 76 and roughly a 60 in programming. So I wouldn’t be surprised if our Worlds Skills Winner has a perfect score in both.

From the videos I have seen of 60x, it seems that they got rid of their high hang.
Is the score of 76 before the last competition?

No, that was just a robot he was trying out.
The 76 is more recent.
He has 5 different robots.

That’s amazing.

Wait, videos of 60X? I need to see this

Yeah where are these leaked videos

I am eager to see him achieve these officially.

It’s not just 60X… ;).
I’m not sure if I should post the videos here without their approval. :confused: