Skills Scores

Can you pm me

lol me too

same here

me too please

Me too please

Here is the best 60X has achieved in actual competition. 72 driver, 7 programming, 76 robot.

Hopefully, they can do what you say they are doing and we will see the perfect run all in one competition.

me too

meh too plz

me too

Found them.
Pretty blurry though.

This one looks pretty decent.

But which one was 60x?

The one with the big back dumper and plates that say 60x

i would like to remind you guys that he has 5 different robots. And as far as i am concerned he won’t be taking his skills robot to any other competition other than a skills only.

Do you guys know how much money 5 robots for one team would cost me? Love rumors. Keep in mind that I have three other teams to support and 48 extra motors alone for one team would empty my bank account fast. Do they have more than one robot? Yes, but certainly not five unless you count the busted up one that Tombstone got a hold of and our old Toss Up robot.

lol I was wondering how this was possible.

Guys, the point of the game is to design your own robots…

@Mystical Pie I don’t want to copy their robots, I want to analyze their strategy

Wait, this just in, strategy is a key part of the game.

Same I don’t want to copy them, I just wanted to know what type of robot they have because 72 in just driving skills is very impressive.