Skills Scores

So far, we have had over 100 skills attempts with an average score of 43 and a high score of 158. Four teams have scored over 100 so far. The 158 score is made up of 108 driving and 50 programming.

I wonder when will start posting this season’s skills scores rather than last year’s.

I also wonder how high the scores will get this year. With the volume of scoring objects and the limitations on how many you can control at a time, I am guessing we will not get as close to a perfect score as last year, but who knows?

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Opinions on how high scores will get?

While I don’t think that there will ever really be a perfect score from this game, just because of the number of Game Objects, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got scores of 200 or more. If you can get your driver and programming skills to score all mobile goals, that’s 200pts there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could do even more in driver, or even programming



Patience, it’s not like there was an approximately 3x increase in funds directed towards per user or anything like that. There’s no reason to think that it should provide information as effectively as a website developed by a member of the community for free that makes absolutely no revenue at all


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No, of course not.

By my calculations, 464 would be a perfect score. Is that what everyone else is getting?

You can score 100 points with mobile goals (2X20+6x10)
65 cones X 2 points each = 130 points
Parking bonus X 2 points
total of 232 points per run. Add perfect driver to perfect programming and you get 464.

If that is correct, I think mid 300s by the end of the year might happen. I will be pleasantly surprised if someone breaks 400.

How did you get 65 cones? @ILoveBots

I would love to be proven wrong, but I really doubt it will be that high.

We are left with just that few seconds after scoring all the mobile goals.

And as for programming skills, the cones really get in the way. It is not as easy as it seems.

Where do you see this going? What do you see as the highest score at the end of the year? You are probably in a better place to judge that than anyone.

I would say between 200 to about 220.

Let’s assume that some teams manage to score all the mobile goals into the 10 and 20 points zone within 40sec (which is very fast), and manage to stack cones with a cycle time of 1 cone per sec (which is again very fast), that will only give you a driver skill score of 140.
And of course, we can’t expect programming skill score to be as high as driver skill.

I have no expertise, except for past VEX experience, but I concur. I can’t see more than all the mogos and a token cone or two in programming skills. Then, I expect all the mogos and a decent number of cones (10 or so?) in driver control.

Doing the movement math to see how far you have to travel to score all the mobile goals is a bit mind blowing and heart wrenching. The only way it seems possible is to grab multiple mobile goals at once and even then getting max points is going to be hard. The trade off here is that the mobile goals are super heavy so it will be extremely hard to move fast enough with three or more. Hopefully we will see over 200 combined points, but with the difficulty in programming I don’t see it getting over 204. Everyone prove nay sayers like me wrong :).

With half the season gone, and most of the countries getting active and into the game, think now could be a good time to predict the highest possible skills scores and also the worlds-qualifying scores.

Few seasons back, I remember someone (was it @nallen01 ? ) did some numbers crunching based on previous seasons and did a very good estimation.

Wondering if anyone would be interested to do that again :slight_smile:

If you were willing to devote 8 motors to drive, two motors to mg intakes, carry 4 mobile goals, and use two motors for a chainbar and 0 for a passive claw to flick on the first three cones, and you can get 3 on each mg and park, then that’s a total of 300 points if you do it in both program and driver.

If you could get me the numbers for previous seasons, I can probably do that. Gives me a standard to try and beat.

Well you also have to account for the nature of the game, Starstruck was easier to get a perfect score because there were less game objects.