There have been over 100 skills scores so far this year. There have been 4 that are over 100. I wonder when will update to the current game? Right now, they are over 4 months behind given they are still on last year’s game and almost two and a half months behind from when skills scores started rolling in.

It would be nice to be able to find everything in one spot and that one spot be the same place teams register. Right now, we have to go to the community sourced website to get the rankings.

You meant to post: with a b

Interesting, where does vexdb get the skills scores? I thought it scraps directly from RobotEvents?

I think it gets them straight from the event results rather than using the world skills rankings page.

@Highwayman yes but how? What server is it accessing where these results are stored. I’m curious because this directly effects me and 40+ other teams.

I doubt VexDB gets them truly directly, because they are a community created service like mine.

@nallen01 just gets it from the robotevents website as far as I know. I don’t think that aspect of it is all that tricky

Right, but we just established that robotevents doesn’t have the data on their front-end site. I was under the impression he was web-scrapping data off their page. Unless he has access to their back end that clearly isn’t where the data is coming from.

It is on the front end site; it’s under the event pages

ah I see. RobotEvents simply hasn’t bothered polling through the events and updating the listing. VexDB apparently does.

They actually have the data there and ready to go, they just (still) haven’t flipped the switch to get the rankings page to pull from this season’s data instead of last season’s.

We have enabled current season Robot Skills Rankings on Please remember that the only official World/Global Skills rankings can be found here:
VEX IQ Challenge Robot Skills Rankings
VEX Robotics Competition Robot Skills Rankings
VEX U Robot Skills Rankings

Please note that no scores for the VEX U program have been submitted this season. Have a great season!


These guys have exactly the same information as

It would appear upon first look that they do indeed have the same information available. However, they probably don’t have any method by which they could/would know if a score was removed or changed. I am just reminding the forum that the official rankings are available only at Have a great day!


My mistake, it sounded like you were saying the vexdb scores were invalid. I can’t know how vexdb gets their information, but in the past they have been extremely reliable and have matched the robotevents scores exactly. In any case, you’re absolutely right that robotevents is official.

RobotEvents provides CSV files of each tournament with all data from that tournament, vexdb scrapes that data, IIRC

Yes, that’s how it works.

But @Brad Lauer is just reminding people that only the RobotEvents site information is official.

As Brad implies, sometimes the information about a tournament is updated. I personally know of at least four cases where that happened last year. Nothing nefarious, just things had to be changed due to some data upload/data entry issues.

The case last year was that our friend from New Zealand (who does a phenomenal job with said on the forum that he doesn’t know to re-download, re-parse, and reload the data until someone tells him. That could have changed by now, but re-polling all results all the time doesn’t seem likely. So, since there isn’t a subscription service for RobotEvents updates, if you want the new CSV files, you have to know they exist and go get them.

Do you know when they will put the correct information on There is still incorrect information on this page.

The information on the page you reference appears current. It would likely be helpful for you to point out which part of the information you know to be wrong, and the source you’re using to get the correct information.

I will post links later this week. No time to find the link right now. The information is clearly wrong, though. It is over 2 weeks out of date.

@ILoveBots, I checked for events from 8/20/2017 to 9/10/2017 and found only one official event reporting skills scores in that timeframe:

It appears that the skills scores for that event are in the World Skills Rankings at RobotEvents.

I didn’t check for events in every country, but I did check the “Commonly Selected” in RobotEvents. These are:

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 8.12.31 PM.png

Both China and New Zealand had events in the window. However, no skills scores were reported to RobotEvents for those events.

So it appears that if the RobotEvents list is incorrect, it is not in regard to an event in a “Commonly Selected” region.