Skills Setup

Does anyone else find it weird that there’s only 2 cones missing from the field in the skills setup? Its just such a small change that wouldn’t make that big of a difference since it’s only 4 points in total.

You’re right, the removal of those two cones does seem a bit odd. I’m also assuming that there is a cone in the near corner that is just hidden by the corner bracket, since I couldn’t find any alternate views of the skills field. The opposing alliance’s driver loads and pre loads were taken out anyways, so maybe the removal of the 2 cones is for balancing in some way? Or maybe it’s a mistake from revisions of the field? I’m not quite sure.

What 2 cones are you talking about?

In the skills manual ( file:///C:/Users/Family/Downloads/VRC-InTheZone-AppendixB-RobotSkills-042217.pdf ) the picture shows that the two cones on the very ends of the rows in the corner next to the alliance section are missing. @Highwayman

Those cones that are on the original field pic are the match loads. They aren’t actually on the field I’m pretty sure. So no cones were removed.

The cones on the loaders? One of them is still there and the other is gone because the blue loads are all gone
EDIT: What @Gallium said

Oh that’s silly. Yeah, I was looking at top-down view and mistook those cones for being on the field.

I feel really stupid now ^w^’ we just set up our field today (since we got the field kit) and one of my team members put the loader in place of the tower so it was all mixed up but we took a look at the picture in the manual and you’re right, thank you very much for correcting us. Sorry about the confusion @Highwayman and @Bobtheblob - 5327B