Skills standing pushed back for regionals?


Hi, our regional tournament was to be held on 3/2 but was pushed to 3/16 due to weather. As with all regionals, “If a team double-qualifies for a World Championship spot, the state’s next highest ranking team from the World Skills Standings up to and including the State Championship receives the invitation.” However, since the regionals was pushed back, the event will be held after the world skills rankings are finalized (3/12). Does that mean that our skills score at the regionals will no longer affect our world ranking. This is unfair as the we had no control on the weather and there was no time to hold a skills-only event to update our world ranking. Would it be possible to push back the finalizing date for skills such that our new skills score at regionals stills comes into play?


Ouch. I thought I had head something along the lines of this and was worried about this as well, but I didn’t realize that our skills would be affected. I believe that the skills rankings from the regionals competition will be the ones used in determining who the extra spots are given to, under the assumption that double qualifications do indeed occur. We are also from mass, we feel your pain :cry: See you there! also, congrats on 2nd place in qualifiers at wpi!


Thanks! I talked to some other mass teams and they said REC foundation might make an exception for our regionals but I wanted to confirm.


Contact your RECF Regional Support Manager for an official answer to this question. Anything here is likely pure speculation.

See you on the 16&17!


My answer is unofficial, but assuming your Regionals qualifies for Worlds (which I’m sure it will), I’d expect the Skills scores from it to be included in the Skills rankings used for your region, even if they’re too late to be part of the World Skills Rankings. (I suppose they might even be added to the World Skills Rankings as well.)

Note: The Skills rankings used to fill double-qualification spots from States/Regionals (and other Skills spots for your state) are the season-long scores (including the scores from Regionals), not just the scores from Regionals itself.


Our region’s RECF rep was at the WPI event and I believe my mentor got a confirmation the our region would get an exception to the deadline of the 10th


Considering that, according to our mentor, Betty Laur’s son is pretty high up in the Vex World, it seems she can get stuff done. Plus, regionals was postponed based on weather- even if it’s past March 10 (deadline for regional championships), the region would get an exception for skills and for world’s registration (aside form 4478DV and 9605A who qualified at WPI)


Another question, because 4478d/v and 9605a are all qualified for worlds already, should they most likely earn awards at regionals, will their world qualification spots be allocated to the people next on the skills rankings as double qualifications at the competition are? this was obviously the case at wpi, but will the same be applied at southern new englands? im just not sure if their qualification at a previous competition will have the same effect.


According to the VRC Qualifying Criteria, those teams already qualified for Worlds is not accounted for in Regionals. So there will not likely be two more spots opened up for regionals in the global skills ranking.

Signature events have their own special rules.

[sorry 3 spots - congrats BOTH 4478 teams that qualified for Worlds!]


thank you for your help. this makes sense, and was what i figured after reading a few other posts in similar topics


will be there this weekend, pretty sure things will be clarified during welcome meeting. Really good field of teams…


yeah you bet, the whole playing field is going to be next level in comparison to anything i’ve seen. can’t wait for it! im actually pretty intimidated, but i’m hoping to do well, as are we all right? :joy:


Hey, I have no teams competing (middle school) I am there to help - I will be running one of the skills fields - I take Dunkins Medium Hot Hazelnut Milk and Sugar… Not a bribe, but will help me score correctly :slight_smile:


ahahahhah i’ll see what i can do, no guarantees because im driving up with the crew in the van, but you never know, dunkin runs are a frequent with our team.


According to our REC Support Manager, if a team qualifies to Worlds in a Signature Event, that state will receive an extra qualifying spot to Worlds.


I’ve never seen this anywhere officially. But, if true, I think it’s great.


I think Signature has thrown a number of question marks that get resolved by RECF - should be clearer next season.