Skills strategy

Me and my team have been wondering which would be a better strategy for skills, going for cubes first, or going for stars first.

Considering that cubes are of a higher point value, and under the assumption that you won’t score all the pieces during your run, cubes are the way to go (unless you are significantly worse at cubes, then obviously go for stars).
Depending on your manipulator, you may also knock large amounts of stars off the fence when scoring these cubes due to their width, increasing the value of scoring cubes first.
Lastly, cubes can take up quite a bit of space, resulting in them being an annoyance when they are sitting on the field/not scored.

I suggest using your cube preloads before your star preloads because the cube preloads tend to knock stars off the fence (depending on your design) which will decrease the chance of your star preloads getting caught on the other stars on the fence.

Do you have a video to illustrate this? We have tried this many times but we never got the stars on the fence to the far zone