Skills Strategy

I have seen a ton of threads for tournament strategy but I haven’t seen any for skills strategy. Personally, I think your best shot is to shunt mobile goals to their zones during the 60 seconds.

You are right about the mobile goals(I think), but I am not sure if you will get the extra five points for having the highest stack.

It doesn’t look like you’ll get the extra 5 points for having the highest stack in skills, as ruled by the community here.

Skills strats will definetely revolve around getting the mobile goals in, THEN stacking. Since it isn’t important to get cones on every zone, 2 20 point mogos and then 6 or so 10 point mogos will happen, and then from there stack on either the most convenient mogo based on location or the stationary goal. Parking is probably going to be faster than stacking a last second cone since you have both corners to park in. Preloads will probably be used to be put on a mogo, since it is the fastest method of stacking. If the robot cannot internally stack, then the mogo should be placed to the side and used that way, or the stationary could be a better idea for some tall designs.

the first time I read this I was saying to myself(What is a mogo?)(I know now.)

In tournament it is a better strategy to put one mobile goal in the 5 point zone for highest stack, but you are going to want to put it in the 10 point zone for skills

Why would it be better in head to head play to put a mogo in the 5 point zone for highest stack? You score the exact same as you do for scoring the mogo in the 10 point zone but do not run the risk of the other team getting a higher stack and losing the 5 point bonus.

I suppose if you know for sure that the other team cannot get a higher stack than you, it potentially takes 5 points away from that team, but on the other hand, if you are that much better, it might be good to let them have that bonus to get the SP.

generally, if they cannot put the goal into the 10pt, and you can, you should have the higher stack

You are correct, the only time it is better to put 1(emphasis on 1) mg in the 5 pt zone is if you can get a highest stack for sure. If not, stick it in the 10 pt zone.

Even then, if you know you will win the match, you can get more SP’s by sticking the goal in the 10 point zone.

SKILLS strategy”

scoring all 8 mogo is by no means impossible, in fact I would even say it will be the norm. At some point simply scoring 100 (or 102 with parking) won’t cut it by the latter half of the season. Figuring out how to squeeze out every last point beyond 104 (now i’m including match preload) will make or break the rankings.

The difficulty will be getting all 8 mobile goals in Programming Skills. I am guessing a Skills focused robot would be needed for this - driving over the bumps repeatedly would ruin a routine, so I’m guessing a 100-point Programming Skills routine would require a robot that could put in the mobile goal without crossing the bars. That takes some serious concessions, so it’s not practical on a normal tournament robot. Getting an extra cone or two in driver control is far less important to a Robot Skills score than getting mobile goals in Programming Skills, which will be extremely challenging.