Skills Strategy

We the top 35 gone skills’ importance has gone down a lot but I still think it’s worth starting a thread on the subject. I think driver skills will focus on high flags due to the ability to possess two balls at once versus one cap at a time but programming skills will be forced to focus on caps and low flags due to the fact that the balls roll unpredictably. What are all of your thoughts?

Someone is going to build a robot that will accurately throw balls at high flags while stacking a cap. Maybe.

Well I think this is likely for a robot that has a separate shooting and capping function, although the shooter may need to be a flywheel in order to adjust it to the perfect strength at the distance of the post

What about angle though? It’s hard to guarantee you’r drive is at the perfect angle to shoot a flag while capping a post

I believe that flags are far more efficient than flags during skills, and only expect caps to be flipped on the floor unless I am severely underestimating how quick teams are going to get. Many ball intakes (top roller) have already demonstrated flipping caps just by driving into them, so using the V5 vision sensor to line up with the flags and chase balls while flipping the caps on the floor is probably a good strategy for programming skills.