Skills Thresholds

Any thoughts on how high the qualification scores will have to be for both robot and programming skills qualification for worlds by March 5th?

The cutoff date will be March 7th, and I’m predicting above 310 for Programming Skills and at least over 330 for Robot Skills. Past skills scores start to max at around this time, but there are several regional competitions left with teams capable of reaching top 30 scores.

Are you sure that it won’t be more than that?

These are my minimum estimates. What’s likely to happen is some teams already in the top 30 will increase their scores, and there will be a few teams that can break into the top 30 after that happens. We will also probably see some teams that haven’t competed in a while have new designs for their regional competitions, and would be able to score a lot higher than they previously have.

Let me check how many skills tournaments there are before march 7th.

I believe there is already a thread dedicated to this subject:

Oh, thanks. I usually just post my own since the forums search feature is bad :slight_smile: