Skills Tips

Hello everyone! i have a tournament coming up, and I am having trouble getting towers quickly. I can easily get stack up quickly, but i am not so fast at towers. Do you all have any tips on how to get towers faster? Im running a 1:5 ratio, but I have to move the tray forward to move the arms up.

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Most videos that I have seen they have to lift their tray up a little. I think that the best way to save time would be to practice scoring in towers and cut down your time bit by bit.

i can have it at a point where i can intake and move them up

if you don’t already, make code that tells your tray to move up automatically when you’re lifting. practicing is good too.


make preset heights for ur lift


We place a stack in skills, and then we don’t move our tray all the way back, so we can easily do towers without letting our tray get in our way. One think to keep in mind is to take account of travel time. This is a big killer when teams move around the field without scoring along the way.