Skills top 30 question

So just a quick question that I have been wondering. I know that the top 30 in both Robot and Programming skills qualifies for worlds but what about the people with a score thats ranked but they are not ranked? As of now, the team in 30th has 18pts in programming and the teams all the way down to 37th also have 18pts. Does that mean that the top 37 will qualify? It would be very unfair if the team in 30th get invited but the rest do not eventhough they all have the same score.

The top 37 will not all qualify. If there is a tie in ranking the tie will be broken by date of tournament (Earliest getting first chosen). This is how I thought it goes.

The tie breaker is your next highest score.
Team9998: 18, 13,11
Team9999: 18, 13, 8

I dont understand exactly what you are trying to say…

This thread should clear it up:

Now I understand, so if my team only submitted once we are kinda out of luck when it comes to a tie then right?

Yes. Sorry.

is there any way to see scores previously submitted by other teams? or is that confidential?

if your next highest score beats their next highest score, then you advance…
vexengineer98 was saying
if you score:18, and your next highest is 17, and then 12
they score: 18, and their next highest is 17, and then 9

you will advance because 12 is higher than 9

if you only have 1 try, then yeah you wont go… sorry

but if everyone else somehow only has one try we all go. correct?

that gets a little more complicated… maybe ask that specific part in the official q&a

That is correct but seeing as though there are no ties in the top 30 that has yet to be the case.

Theres a number of teams tied at 19pts (including mine). I am just a little worried about getting knocked out of the top 30.

I am the first 19 pointer. I meant an official tie in which on the scores it says T-25 or whatever place someone is in. If you scroll down on the scores you see a few of them. Those are teams who have exactly the same scores all the way to their first attempt or only did it once and received that score. That is why I am ranked first of the 19’s, my previous score was 18.

is that why the teams are in that order? i noticed your one ahead of me and the other 19 pointers are below me.

Yeah. What was your previous score?

Well we got 9 but it was given to one of our sister teams and I’m trying to have it changed. What about you?

We had 16, then 18, then 19 so I think we’ll hold the first of the 19’s til the end. Still don’t think it will get us in though.

I hope it keeps us both in. My team is kinda relying on this to qualify.

We have yet to qualify also.