skills world qualifications


In previous years, (and this year) the top 30 teams in the worlds in both robot and programming skills have qualified for the world championship.

The question I wanted to inquire about this year, is whether or not:

A) 30 spots will be given out to the overall top 30 teams in their respective skills type, regardless of their grade level (VRC HS or VRC MS)


B) 30 spots will be given to the top 30 MS teams, and the top 30 HS teams, in their respective skills types.

I personally have my doubts that 120 spots will be given based on skills rankings but since i could be wrong, i wanted to check. which situation is true? A or B?

Thanks in advance!

This is an excellent question, thanks for asking. In early March the top 30 VRC teams in the global rankings will receive an invitation to the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship, regardless of grade level. In summary, “A” is most reflective of the process.


Thanks very much!