How will skills be setup this year. Will it be 3x driver and 3x programming? Then will the top X number of teams go to the arena for a final run of each? If so, is the final run the score used determine the winner or is it the best of the 4x and 4x runs?

Thanks for the terrific question. As you may have noticed on our public agenda (for the VEX Robotics World Championship), we have a Skills Challenge Finals ceremony scheduled for 5:00pm on Friday, April 21st. We are not completely finished with documenting the details (which will be shared soon), but we expect to offer each VRC team a maximum of 3 Programming Skills runs, and a maximum of 3 Driver Skills runs. The top 10 teams in Robot Skills will be invited to participate in our Skills Challenge Finals. I will have much more information to share in the coming weeks. Good luck at Worlds!