Suppose you do a skills run before states/provincial, and you get a reasonably high score (suppose 180 programming and driver combine) and you do not do the skills run at your state/provincial championships. Would your provincial championship use the top 3/4 Highest skills score or would they pick from the highest at the provincial championship to go to worlds.

Here is the official document stating qualification for worlds, with added emphasis from what I think is the answer.

As such, I read that the State/Regional/Province Championship is the last chance of qualifying that way, however you DO NOT have to necessarily run a skills run at state, because it is the World Robot Skills Standings in general. Keep in mind, technically there could be no skills that qualifies in this manner, as this is a back up if the regular qualification methods result in less than the state is allotted. Also keep in mind that this is entirely separate from the 35/15, which means if you are top 35 in HS or 15 in MS, then you are in, with no dispute.

However, I would personally still run skills at the State/Regional/Province as one last chance to boost my score, but that’s just me.