I’ve been hearing a lot about how skills is a big part of a vex tournament. As a new team/player, how does skills work? When am I supposed to go? How do I know whether or not it’s my turn?

Usually there is a line of people at one of the fields, they will usually say when you can do skills. For instance some tournaments do it during lunch or something. Overall skills is a 1 min period where you are alone on the field and try to get as many points as possible. Your total skills score is your drivers skills score and your programming skills score added together.

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As stated above, skills is a match in which you are the only team on the field, and you try to get as many points as possible. Strategy isn’t much of an issue in skills, as it should all be planned out in advance. All the teams I know that do well in skills do the exact same run every time, and have practiced that routine to the point where they can do it blindfolded (not actually, just practice a lot :wink:).

Often times, you will be able to do skills at any time in the day. You usually get 3 attempts for each (3 for driver and 3 for autonomous) throughout the day. You most likely will need to wait in a line that can vary between five minutes in length and 45 minutes long.

I hope this helps and good luck! :smile:


Here’s the link to the skills rules


The answer to these questions is “Ask the person/people running the event”


Skills is very important to try at because it is a criteria of the excellence award and some other judges awards that can get you to State, nationals, and maybe even worlds.

Edit: also, I forgot to add that it helps with awards that can get you to the CREATE US open.