Skirt material

While viewing reveals and other robots, I noticed some interesting skirts that were painted in the letter of the team (or robot name). From teams who have done this either in the past or this season, what material did you use and how did you paint the letters or what kind of paint did you use?

i think its usually polycarbonate


I have used polycarbonate, and HDPE in the past, and for the letters I just found some nice stickers (ones made for outside use like mailboxes and house numbers are great), 99% of teams will use either polycarbonate or delrin, but any legal plastic will work
you can find a list of legal plastics inside the game manual


99% of teams use polycarbonate. Don’t use ABS.
To put letters, you can do anything, as long as you put it on the underside so that it shows through, do not put decorations on the outside of the skirt because it will be destroyed. I would recommend an acrylic paint, or cut vinyl.


Since my design is running low on plastic, if I put metal behind it and then the plastic on top of it, the plastic could count as a decoration because I could remove it and it would do the same thing, right?

Been wondering the same thing— theoretically plastic backed up by metal is a non functional use from my interpretation, but I’ll wait for someone else to confirm that

These are both correct.


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