skyrise holding rules?

Are you allowed to pick up two skyrises? Or rather hold two? What I mean is say you have two claw, are you alowed to pick up one skyrise then move over and pick up another with the other claw? Thanks to those that answer.

I know that you cannot be holding 2 skyrise sections at a time if that is what you’re asking…

Nope. Only one a time. There was an official q&a asked similar to this but I’m to lazy to find it. You can search for it.

They even specified that only one skyrise section is allowed to be “in play” at a time for each alliance. Meaning, if robot A on the blue alliance is actively carrying a section, then robot B on the same alliance CANNOT simultaneously be carrying a section.

Hmmm. That’s not how I interpreted their response to that Q&A. :slight_smile:

See the answer here:

I might be wrong! :confused:

I don’t have time to dig, but I was certain in my head that it was ruled that only one skyrise per alliance at a time was allowed, but based on the link you gave I am incorrect. If I find otherwise I will make sure to come back and post a link. Thanks for the correction!

If you’re fairly sure you saw that ruling, then please take the time and dig around. It probably would not be the first time some wires got crossed on a ruling. Also, if it got posted as some sort of unofficial answer someplace, then it’s best we let people know that it’s not in line with the official Q&A. :slight_smile:

I would interpret it as grasping two is considered actively controlling two sections.

So I believe grasping two sections is illegal.

It seems that Karthik’s answer has left some people confused, so I think I’m going to do the unthinkable and intentionally ask a question on the official Q&A that has already been asked and answered. Wish me luck. :cool:

I re-phrased the question and posted it here:

Thanks FullMetalMentor for getting this cleared up. Just so everyone knows, Karthik confirmed that it IS LEGAL for each robot on an alliance to be carrying a skyrise section at the same time. The only limitation is one skyrise section PER ROBOT.

My apologies for causing the confusion in the first place. I had either misread or misinterpreted something along the way.