Skyrise objects in Las Vegas


I will be visiting Las Vegas next week. It would be very helpful if I could borrow some Skyrise objects from a team over there rather than trying to pack them on a plane from New Zealand, since they’re so bulky. Could I please borrow some objects (a skyrise base, a few skyrise sections and a couple of cubes) from a local team? The days I would like to borrow them for are Tuesday 1 December to Thursday 3 December. I’ll be in the city on Sunday and Monday so it’s possible for me to pick up or collect game objects on those days.

If anyone can help, then thank you! :slight_smile:

Why skyrise pieces?

I doubt this will help, but we have enough Skyrise objects for you down here in tbe Phoenix area, though that is about 6 hours’ drive I believe. If nothing else, you can do that. But, it’s your choice. I doubt that will be feasible for you, but I figured I would offer.

So I reached out to my team and they are willing to give you the stuff. @Kyub can give you any details on when they are available. They have a meeting on Monday and meet extremely close to downtown so it should be relatively easy.