Skyrise Outside Playing Field Unofficial Answer

Found this with a quick Google search.


On another note, has anyone been able to place a poorly held skyrise back into the autoloader to reposition it? Is it worth the time to do so or would you rather just drop the skyrise and get a new one? Our team has done it a few times before during practice but it sucks out a lot of time from the match.](

This quote(from Karthik) was from the link you included in your post:

If a Skyrise Section is knocked out of the Autoloader** it will be returned** to the playing field by a referee in a location close to the Autoloader from which it exited.

Note it says close to the autoloader, not in the autoloader, so to answer your question No it cannot be placed back in the autoloader.

Found this with a quick Google search.

The second part of your question, I believe he clarified this also, as long as the robot and the team member are not touching it at the same time. I try not to intentionally drop skyrise sections, but I also would not want to spend more than 10 seconds fooling around with a poorly gripped SR section either.
I guess I would glance over at the opposing alliances and make a split second judgement to see if I was going to need every SR section to win.

Oh, haha I wasn’t the one asking the question I was just giving the link to the person who just asked Karthik. I distinctly remembered seeing a post answering the exact same question, but he said he couldn’t find anything on the Q&A so I thought I could find it for him :stuck_out_tongue: