skyrise question

dose anyone know if you have no skyrise pieces on a skyrise area and you put a cube on, does it count in atominous and in driver control?:D:D:D

I noticed a couple things you may be misunderstanding.

1: If a cube is on a skyrise base without any sections it counts as 1 point on a floor goal, not 4 like it would on a skyrise.

2: Autonomous is a bonus, when you play the autonomous period, you get points if you have the most at the end, not points for what you score. Anything in the game can only be scored once, not once in auton and again in tele-op.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly we all thank you!!

your hopefully new team friend 5233A David Anne’ Paul and Kolton

also are you going to the competition on the 6 of December?

and if you are see you there