Skyrise rules - questions and answers

I was just wondering if a thread for asking questions regarding rules would be useful for anyone else? I have a couple questions from my team that they can’t find the answers on the manual like for example:

If the opposing team’s skyrise tower falls down, would we be allowed to pick up and score their skyrise sections if our robot could score that high?

Thanks, and if anyone else wants to ask questions, I’ll try or I’m sure others will try to answer them.

Vex has created a Q & A to get official rulings from the GDC. I’m sure you will find this tool useful. Such as, the question asked in your post, has already been asked, and is awaiting an official answer.:slight_smile:


I encourage official answers, so we know how it will be ruled at tournaments.

Can your robot steal the opponents’ cubes and store them in the “protected” gray tile between the two colored tiles?

Yeah, although there are so many of them and they’re so large it’d be fairly difficult to get enough of them in the corner to do more than make it harder for you to build your Skyrise. Still, if you could manage to get the majority of them stored back there quickly you’ll have a very strong defensive strategy on your hands.

Thanks for confirming that. Another defensive move would be to knock over the starting stack of cubes to prevent your opponent from picking them up together in one move.

Actually, since the cubes are 8", and the squares are 2’ to a side, you can fit nine on the ground alone. The Skyrise Base would get in the way, so maybe only 8. But according to the game manual, in order for a cube to be scored it must be on its own color square, so you can actually use your starting squares as additional protected space. There’s space for 24 cubes there, even accommodating for the Base, so it’s actually a feasible strategy. You could also stack them on top of one another to save more space.