Skyrise Section Broke During Match At Worlds!

During our round against Robonauts, the skyrise tower fell over when we where attempting to put cubes on it because the bottom skyrise was faulty.

The refs didn’t call a replay but we probably would have lost anyway.
oh well…

Our team didn’t do very well after that during that round because we where sure they where going to do something about it.

Heres the link.

Oh… and here is the video of our 55 point us open skills run. I know some people wanted to see the video.

We had this happen also in the ARTS division. We played >100 matches this season and never had or saw an SR break, until World’s. Our opponent had theirs break at about 5th SR section. 10 seconds later it happen to us! We lost at least 16 points as we had the 5th SR break with the 6th SR already in place. We also lost the 2 cubes that were going onto the SR.
We thought sure we’d get a replay. No go. Went up as high as Karthik and he nicks the replay. We checked ever SR after that. We felt jilted because they never stated in the beginning to check every SR before every match in case there were loose SR’s.

go to 2:32:00 match 109 in driver mode we were red

They should have replayed every match in which a skyrise section or base broke, unless the alliance that had it break were getting completely destroyed anyway. The only time I would not see a replay as justified is if a robot broke the skyrise by tipping over on it or something

I agree they should have brought up at the Drivers meeting, what to do in the case of a broken SR. Hindsite is 20/20. I wish we had one break earlier in the season so we would have checked at every match. I’m suprised that our alliances did tell us to check the SR’s. So that makes me think it was a rare happening. It would not have taken long to replay matches or check the SR by the judges. I’ll have a bitter taste in my mouth for years on this.
There was no excess force with our SR or cube placements. It just broke at the seam.

I wasn’t in this match, but a section broke on our side in the Science Division Semifinals. It was nearly filled to the top with cubes too, so that wiped out a majority of my alliance’s points. They didn’t replay the match, but we made a comeback in the next couple rounds. It wasn’t as if excessive force was applied to the skyrise, the glue just gave away at that point. I agree that matches where skyrise sections broke and no excessive force was applied to the tower should have been replayed.

did the head ref say anything? they probably wont redo unless you go to them at the end of the match

Tiger (9090C) uploaded it here:

I think from the video the red alliance probably had it in the bag even if the skyrise section hadn’t snapped anyway. What a hectic best of 3 that was, on top of the mahem of a broken skyrise, a cube getting stuck in a robot and incorrectly scored autonomous - the games were some of the best I have seen all season.

I am surprised at how often this happened, we came across 1 broken section (thanks to checking them before each match), I don’t think I had seen any snap in game before worlds actually O.o It would have been a bit disappointing to see someone get knocked out because of a broken skyrise section, did this happen to anyone?

This is the match that osteocoach is talking about.

Honestly, I think the breaking of skyrise sections wouldn’t really made a difference to the match result. The blue had it in the bag.
But it did affect the SP though.

I think I remember it happening at least once in NZ before Worlds (possibly at Nationals?) but I could be remembering wrong.

We had it once in New England. I was pretty confused when it happened.

AURA warned us at world’s so team BNS adopted the habit every match of inspecting every skyrise section.

The same situation also happened in engineering division, team 7797C the division champion lost a single match against my team 4423D because they broke the second skyrise section.

Without this accident they would easily won the match, have to say I was lucky but I think it is not fair to lose a match in those cases in which skyrise section broke with a small force applied in a normal game.

I hope this year if the high goal or something broke during a match referees replay it.

The same happened to my team 2382A during our second skills run when we were at the 5th skyrise about to load cubes and the moment we touch the skyrise to score the cubes the first skyrise broke.
Fortunately, the referee saw that we didn’t apply any sort of strong force and he let us repeat the run so the outcome wasn’t affected.

If a high goal breaks, I’m sure the match will be replayed, as it is a field element. The skyrise was a scoring object, so under the rules, it would not constitute a rematch if one broke. I don’t exactly agree with this, but that was the rule.

We talked to everyone we could without being rude. it’s crazy to me they wouldn’t replay it, even if they where on a tight schedule.
We checked every skyrise after that match.

The bottom skyrise broke as my student was doing his Robot Skills run on Sat. He had just finished 6 skyrises & 6 cubes when it happened so he ended up with only 1 point. Oh well…

I’m pretty sure that they only do replays if a scoring post were to break (such as the skyrise base, or the cube posts) , but if a scoring element/object breaks it cannot end with a replay. So, if a goal during Nothing But Net were to break they would hopefully replay.