Skyrise Section Intake Thread with poll!

You’ve probably seen the long needle skyrise section intake (this one), and you’ve probably seen claws galore. Those work fine, but does anyone have anything better? if so, you can choose to post them here or keep them secret. At least you should take the poll (please?)

I have a new intake:

The claw used a motor, and the long needle intake was, well, too long. So, I made a shorter one. Video to follow. (eventually)

Hey, if you wanna use my short intake, let me know so that I can raise my self-esteem.:frowning:

Here are some threads that you should look at:

So we don’t need another thread discussing skyrise intakes. :)](

So we don’t need another thread discussing skyrise intakes. :)](

but I like them.
oh well.
Thanks for the notice.

So we don’t need another thread discussing skyrise intakes. :)](
Also on any real robot the short skyrise intake you made will unalign easily and either fall out or be very difficult to line up.

What was too long before?

That was my first thought too. When I tested it, it was remarkably stable and could be inserted at an angle up to 20 degrees and still hold the section. I do see what you mean by “lining it up,” the long intake had the angled sides so that it could realign itself.

My team’s robot has to be “folded” in order to fit in the 18x18x18. The long intake (visual if anyone wants one)stuck out, and we couldn’t find a better place for it.

I got my flash drive to work so now I have my video. it shows the short intake in action, and instructions for making your own (if you want). The link is here. It also shows how to make one. :smiley:

Also, there is a video that compares the long intake and short intake.
It’s this one.

Don’t forget to vote!

We’re using a passive claw that is uniquely designed to be extremely compact. Check it out here. (Please subcribe :smiley: )

Perhaps a rollers at the tip would work better. See here:

In addition I have a concern with sideways passive claws because when releasing the 7th skyrise section after building it, would the skyrise tip to the side? How much flex would it get.

That’s really cool!

I actually saw that video just a few days before we designed our claw. We decided against it because of the size. One of the main advantages to a passive claw is the saved space, so a design like that (at least in my mind) is somewhat counterproductive.

As to how we release the 7th section, we’ll be releasing a few more videos of our claw. Wait and watch :slight_smile: