Skyrise Sections

I have not wet seen a thread on how teams are going to move the Skyrise Sections to the Skyrise Section Base. I have watched some matches and it looked liked almost all the teams had trouble placing them onto the base. I believe that if you are able to build your Skyrise quickly and efficiently and have a good amount of time to put on cubes you will have a great chance to win the match. So I was wondering if anyone had a good idea that will work.

you can use a passive intake like the one here you just stick it into a section and it’ll hold on until you put it into the skyrise and lift it up.

How would you attach that intake to your robot.

here is how 8059 attached theirs,

You can put it anywhere where there is free space on the arm, basically. I had a vertical needle type intake, and I put them on the sides of my arm. Though a tiny bit impractical, it worked a bit.