Skyrise simularity

Does anyone here think that this game will be similar to skyrise? I don’t mean the game, but the robots, because their were two main designs in skyrise for example the plunger and the chain intake.



That’s a cool new name for the cones…

Darn. I read your subject as “Skyrise ** Singularity **”. Sounded like a science fiction book/movie. I thought maybe somebody noticed interesting robots in the film version or something.

Your topic is okay, but I like what I (mis)read better.

ok on a serious note i don’t see a plunger as a viable in taking option, nothing can be inserted from the cones on top, also with the chain intake, I cant see what you mean, as in taking multiple cones isn’t allowed.

I am talking about the examples from skyrise, but I think that their will be two main designs in worlds.

yeah, i still dont understand, what examples from skyrise? the plunger intake that went into the cones doesnt work because there’s no hole at the top, and chain intake would be useless as it only is good at grabbing cubes with holes in the sides?

We’ve built a working plunger intake for in the zone. It’s top secret though.

I did not participate in skyrise but from what I have heard. I know that the DRFB, scissor lifts and maybe cascade lifts were popular during skyrise.

Yeah, and thoes will all be used. (I already have a robot built just need game objects that arnt 3d printed) but the intakes that were listed arnt aplicible to this year

I think it will be different from skyrise; the mobile goal mechanic makes it a lot different.

I disagree. While ITZ itself is unique enough from Skyrise, it shares similarities with Skyrise, notably stacking and carrying multiple objects on your robot. The comeback of the DR4B from Skyrise is one thing for that. That being said, the movable goal mechanism, as opposed to stationary goals in Skyrise, as well as the bumps, will put a unique spin on robots and mean they won’t be just carbon copies of Skyrise robots. Overall however, I expect we will see a degree of similarity between ITZ robots and the ones from Skyrise.

I think similarity to Skyrise robots will be pretty evident, particularly in early competitions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, similar problems often have similar solutions. I would be wary, however, of jumping straight to a Skyrise design because it was good then, without properly considering alternatives.

I agree!!!
The designs in the first competitions will be quite similar