SKYRISE skills predictions

What scores do you believe will qualify for skills? to be honest i think they will be relatively low.

Programming: Due to the fact that you are allowed only 2 repositions, i believe that to qualify for worlds, a score like 20 will qualify. i could be way off but im just thinking that some skills teams will simply build a skyrise…

Robot: It wouldnt at all surprise me if 30-35 was the qualifying score.

What does everyone else think?

I think that one of the over arching strategies would be to attempt to build both skyrises during either of the skills challenges. This all depends on the speed at which the driver or the robot can build the skyrise sections. However, if a team were able to build both skyrises, I would estimate the qualifying scores to be closer to 60. (This is assuming that the 4 preloaded cubes would remain on the starting tiles for 1 pt a piece)

I Think that a max of maybe 50 will be the lowest qualifying score, probably more like 35

I put together a spreadsheet, and max skills score is 128, so 100 would be a near perfect score, especially considering the difficulty of the game

Could you share the spreadsheet and I would say a qualifying score would be like 30-40

People completely underestimated toss up also. My bet is 50-75 in driver. 40-60 programming. People were guessing that the max would be 50 or 60 for toss up. The high score is over 100.

you can use one skyrise tower in skills

yes this is true. only 1 skyrise may be constructed limiting you to 7x4=28 pts there. lets remember that for every piece you add, your lift takes longer to raise and lower due to the new height. to be honest i dont think you could even build a full skyrise in a minute by yourself. its pretty tight to make turns with the autoloader and the skyrise actually taking up part of your starting tile. ive been driving on robot virtual worlds. its a total pain in the butt. Also, i think that scoring 4-5 skyrise peices (16-20pts) and lets say 1 cube on the skyrise (4) and 2 cubes on 2 seperate other goals (2+1)+(2+1)=6pts and your 4 preloads =4 would give you the 30-34 points ive been looking at for programming skills. as for drivers, i dont predict it being too much higher… i dont think anyone will could close to 70 before worlds. matter of fact it wont at all surprise me if 50-60 is the world record…

30-40pts in Programming won’t really be too hard - just use ultrasonics and PID to build your skyrise and dump your preloads on it (or additional cubes if you can pull it off) without any repositioning.

Of course, that all depends on having a bot which can reach 5’ without tipping in auton.

Yeah thats our main concern is going that high in auto and tipping because you could be placing that 5th or 6th skyrise and tip over and potentially knock over the skyrise you spent 50 seconds building.

Here is the Spreadsheet on google Docs

It includes points in skills, in a match, and the field distribution with suggested avoid zones(for a match).

I hope you like it.

I’ll be referencing this often! Thanks!

I am looking more in the 50s for skills

Um 1103 had no repositions and the average skills were way below them. So I think that a few teams will have crazy high scores. but most will be relatively low.

40’s - 50’s for Drivers
20’s - 30’s for Programming

I am going to be a bit more optimistic particularly toward programming because I think sky rise building is not going to be much faster in driver than auton. I would not be surprised if 30 teams show up to worlds with 20pt 15s auton modes (2 sections and two blocks, or 4 sections). There is a potential 60pts just from the skyrise. Considering this I would guess 50-70pts programming, 60-90 driver. So much of this depends on how good robots people can build, but VEX people are pretty good at getting things figured out (even if defaulting to a six bar won’t work as well).

I expect that if teams could coordinate autons well enough, we could see scores of 30 points or more during auton - have one bot build a few Skyrise sections (three maybe?) and the other fill up on cubes. Dump four cubes on the Skyrise and bam, instant 28 points. Probably a bit optimistic, but it’s possible.

Maybe I should reconsider my predictions. We already have a 15 second autonomous written with our robot (new prototype mechanisms on an old base and arm) that scores 24. We kept the arm because for prototyping, we dont need the full 5 feet. were practicing with various collectors and stuff. we scored 24 points in 15 seconds scoring 3 skyrise sections and 3 cube. Video to come (not for a very long time though haha)

If were scoring 24 points in 15 seconds without leaving a 3-4 tile radius i can see some large programming skills scores coming along.

HOWEVER we were 4th in the world for the world championship programming skills and we had an “official” world record of 81 points at worlds however it was deemed a DQ for an accidental touch of the robot while it wasnt done crossing the bump so i suppose this makes us “above average”…

I just wanted opinions because nobody can truly predict this early…

You did not account for owning goals in skills, something i recently confirmed, is real. It encourages spreading cubes across multiple goals instead of scoring them all on a large goal.

Other than that, Nice!

Im going to agree here, going 1103 o programming and scoring on every goal 1 or two cubes is worth a lot more than sitting there and building the tower, and it has less element of danger of knocking all your points over in one bad go… sensors will be very important with the limited touches rule though… only the very best of programmers who can get all the sensors working together will be able to put up the highest of scores.

I think the over/under will be 38 in programming skills. 52 in drivers skills