Skyrise Skills

How high will the skills scores go this year ?

The robot skills rankings again are topped by Singapore with an incredible 45+ score.

The islands of Hawaii & New Zealand lead the The programming skills rankings with 15+ score.

Is anyone having trouble with the filter region rankings?

There is no doubt in my mind that a full skyrise (28pts) will be needed to get to worlds for programming skills. I predict the more skills-focused teams will be aiming for around 40-50 points for programming skills.

For robot skills, no idea lol

Its going to be very fun this year to watch the results roll in, especially when we’re going to try for the world title in programming skills again this year :slight_smile:

I’ll guess that the top programming skills team will be able to fully score the skyrise, so 60 points.

Driver skills, maybe 80ish?

That’s understandable, but with some designs I beleive programming skills may top driver ( if an appropriate amount of time has been put into programming of course) . Since the skyrise section scoring must be very exact I think some programs might get better scores because( if done properly) they should eliminate human error and time loss.

I could see that happening but if one part of the a program screws up its over.

I don’t think the programming skills high score has ever been greater than the robot skills high score. In theory, building the skyrise autonomously may be easier. But in practice, well-practiced drivers should be able to do it just as fast and more reliably.

I would say Driver skills is going to be in the mid 60’s. And programming skills in the low 40’s. Cubing a full skyrise in programming is very unpredictable. And I’m going to say 80’s in either is unrealistic.

I mostly agree with these predictions.
I think the 80 barrier will be quite hard to break in drivers skills, especially considering many good alliances so far have struggled to break 80 points (see highest skyrise scores). Thats all with 2 robots AND 2 minutes of game time. In a way approximately 4 times what skills has.

For driver skills, no doubt the scores will exceed 60. Teams like 2915 or hawaiian kids have super fast skyrise building skills and a capacity of 2 cubes, so teams like that can easily finish a 60 pts skyrise. Above that, I can hardly imagine how many points teams will get additionally from cubes.

Programming skills, I cannot imagine how to do it without a special robot to reduce intricate movements. This is nothing like dumping bucky balls and launching large balls. PID will be famous this year… finish your PID function tuning before working on skills, I would say!

Congrats to team 1429D on their recent top Skills score in the USA.
Also congrats to 5588C on their 23 points in Programming Skills , setting the top record in the world !

Looks like the mid 60 threshold has been achieved. Team 2398E put up a score of 65 in Oklahoma last week.

The skills scores continue to rise !

Congrats to 2398E , Sequoyah Schools on the skyrise skills score of 65

Congrats to 5225A , E-Bots Pilons on the 35 in programming skills.

Nice work 2398E!
How come you score less than 65 in a match?

This is a little troubling to me. Their max score in a match was only 41. How is it that they score 65 in half that time? 65 breaks past the current barrier we are seeing at 48 by a lot. I’m not saying that their score is impossible, just highly unlikely. Could somebody confirm this score?

I agree with the bit of doubt. I am in no way trying to take anything away from 2398E if they did indeed score 65 points, but it seems as though the event had a few mishaps. Firstly, a large portion of qualification scores are missing from Robot Events. Secondly, and more relevant, the only two Programming Skills scores, and 9 of the Robot Skills scores were recorded as being below 3, a score that could be achieved by a completely unmoving robot. This leads me to believe that the scores may have been calculated incorrectly, simply by mistake or by unknowing volunteers. Again, not trying to condemn the event or its organizers/volunteers. Just wondering if these scores are accurate and if it’s possible that they could be looked into.

On a side note, I did not realize how greatly VEX has grown in Oklahoma! Very exciting to see.

It could me a mistake, based on what others have said.

However, considering it is correct, there can be a couple reasons for skills being higher than a match score. There are some teams that focus mostly on skills, and do awesome on skills, but don’t care as much about the matches. Also, it could be that the robot doesn’t work well with other offensive or defensive strategies or needs a perfect field setup. Also, the robot might be inconsistent and got that score by luck or after many tries.

We were not at this tournament, so we can not confirm nor deny the 65pts. But 65pts in 1 minute is VERY impressive.

The quickest way to 65pts would be:

All 7 Skyrise sections: 28pts.
8 cubes on skyrise tower: 32pts.
4 cubes that are already on starting tiles: 4pts.
1 extra cube on a tile 1pt.

A robot able to do this, with a good alliance partner would be HARD to beat.;):wink:

Looking at 2398E match scores:

It would seem that a robot that could score 65pts “by itself” could score more than the match scores show(considering there were “2” bots scoring in those matches)

Very impressive team 2398E.:cool: Any videos?

Why should there be doubt on the skills score? Comparing Robot Skills scores to match scores are apples to oranges.

Remember…in skills, all colored cubes are fair game. In a match, the number of cubes available to score with are cut in half and are located further apart.

I’d have to disagree. Most or your cubes are on your half of field, and there are only a few stray opponent cubes on your side. This really doesn’t make much of a difference for scoring in matches compared to skills. The only way I can think of skills scores being higher, would be your alliance partner getting in the way of scoring, or miscommunication.

4004X from the same tournament scored 48 points. My guess is either there was an error in the scoring or this game just got a lot harder. Congrats on the scores if they are correct though!