Skyrise Strategy Question?

Is it okay to drive through the center pile of cubes and push a bunch into your opponents starting tiles and protected tile so long as your robot or an object in your robot never breaks the plane of those tiles? I thought of this question due to some strategies I saw (and used :p) in toss up this year.

It seems to be if you do anything, either directly or indirectly, you can get called on it. If you drive into the stack and some happen to go into their tiles I doubt a ref would call you on it, but if you have a strategy based on pushing scoring objects into their tiles they’ll definitely call you on it.

That depends on how you do it. If your robot touches game objects that touch opposing starting tile, you are out. So be careful.

So according to SG9, it would seem that you could touch an object, that touches an object, that touches an object, that touches their tile? Like in the diagram below:

|Robot| ] ] ] | <- line of their tile
objects^ ^ ^

Look back at G1. What does your common sense tell you? I think that contact via multiple game objects should also be counted as indirect contact.

The point of me asking this was merely to find out if it was technically legal to apply the object blockade strategy that our team used in toss up to skyrise. Right now I feel like these are more opinions than directly applicable rule references.

Basically, is it illegal (or unsportsmanlike) to push objects into the corner to slow down our opponents in reaching their skyrise base? We did this in toss up near the end of the match to slow down our opponents from reaching the hanging bar.

The point of this would NOT be to knock over the opponents skyrise, or even mess with it. In fact we would only be doing this before they had built it. The ONLY purpose would be to slow them down and force them to move 10 or 15 cubes before building their skyrise.

It’ll be up in the air until Karthik says yes or no on this one. Make sure your question is very detailed, especially explaining how far your robot will drive and how much it will be pushing. Video would help.

My gut feeling is that they will want to discourage this behavior as the rule says “interfering with the opponents skyrise building in any way” but we will have to see what Karthik says.

No one in this topic can give an official yes or no. Ask in the official Q&A

Well, I’d hate to get trapped in the corner for a match.

I heard somewhere that the GDC won’t answer questions based on videos. If that’s the case a detailed description is important.

They won’t look at match videos for official rulings on specific matches, but I’ve never heard that Karthik wouldn’t look at a video such as one of the action Luke intends to perform in order to make sure he understands exactly what the question Luke asks means.

Yes I know this will not be an official answer. Really instead of a straight up ‘is it legal’, I’m more looking for an answer based on everyones interpretation of the rulebook.

Sorry, but I didn’t understand your answer to the sportmanship question.

Thank you for the idea of the video. As soon as we get a field, I will make a video and draft a detailed question for an official ruling from karthik.

Yes, I think that was what it was. Sorry for getting it mixed up.

To put it simply, I meant that I didn’t think it’s good sportsmanship. Do you think it’s good sportsmanship to push and possibly trap another robot in the corner?

Are you referring to getting trapped by objects? The purpose would not be to do this while they are on their tiles. This would be while they are some other place on the field. There wouldn’t be any strategic value if they are on their tile.

And I usually consult the golden rule in questions such as this. While I might get frustrated that my own strategy was temporarily thwarted, no I would not have a problem with someone doing it to me. But I can definitely see and support your position on this in the case of purposefully trapping an opponent. Purposefully trapping an opponent like that would be basically legalized pinning.