Skyrise: Why isn't the field layout symmetric?

This year for Skyrise the field layout is almost, but not quite, symmetric. The location of the skyrise section pick-up-spot is different if you are red or blue. (Consequently, the locations/heights of the grey poles is different as well).

As a result, teams have to program four different start locations for autonomous instead of just two.

I feel that this asymmetry doesn’t substantially add to the game play but does complicate things.


The asymmetry is fun!
Yes, it complicates the gameplay, however this makes it less straight forward and more of a challenge for teams when they play the game. There are quite a few features on the field which open up a lot more possibilities than there would be on a perfectly symmetrical field. :slight_smile:

Well technically it is symmetric.

(Horizontal lines are to show the starting tiles)

Vex has been like this for a while (I guess if you’d consider it a while) (Gateway, Toss up)

Gateway had reflected sides, and so did Toss up, I don’t see what’s the complaint here.

Plus, you can totally make 2 autonomous programs because the middle height goal will always be a tile away from the starting tile, and that means if you aim for that goal for autonomous, you’ll just need to do the red skyrise tile autonomous for the blue non skyrise tile autonomous.

Changing programs to turn differently because of this ‘asymmetry’ is still pretty easy to do though, just reverse the turn values in the program.

EDIT: wait are you saying that there are subtle asymmetric things? Because I haven’t noticed anything ‘asymmetric’ at all in Skyrise so far.

I think what sakumar meant by “asymmetric” was certain subtle things about the field, like:
The autoloader is on a different side relative to the alliance starting tile, depending on your alliance colour.
However this still actually qualifies as symmetry.

Just write an autonomous mirroring routine :wink:

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking he meant. This isn’t new to VEX, games have been like this before.

Gateway for example. Would have loved to play that game. Personally I don’t think it will be hard to change the autonomous program’s but I can see how it can be annoying

Not just Gateway, literally last year Toss Up had the same predicament.

Round Up had this as well, and I think Skyrise is closer to Round Up in the diamond setup and the fact that different colored objects are scattered around the field.

Sack Attack, however, was not symmetrical, meaning that you didn’t have to switch programs around for different colors.