Slap shot dispenser

What is the part that is used in a slap shot dispenser thee has three prongs . The part in the video bellow is green.

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That part is a 3x3 Wye Lock Beam. You’ll find it it the 2nd generation competition add-on kit. It’s not currently available separately, as far as I know.

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Sorry about that did not realize

The part you are looking for is only in the Gen 2 Competition Kit. There is a Gen 2 (parts only / no electronics) Education Kit upgrade but not one for the Competition Kit.

You could simply use 1x5 beams between two center lock beams and get similar results although it would only fire twice per rotation.


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Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of supportive people here. They will support you in your robotics journey, but they won’t feed it to you. The link can be found on Vex’s online store, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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Does anybody know where to find the CAD file for this

Here is a link to the Vex IQ CAD Resources

i dont think its there

You may need to create your own merging two 3x3 60 Degree Angle Beam

Hi @vexiqQE,

The part is In the “All VEX IQ CAD Files” folder. It’s part number is 228-2500-1159

You can use The IQ Legal parts document to find part numbers for VEX IQ Parts


Just in case anyone searches for the Wye Lock Beam (228-3614-161) , these can also be found in the Hook Shot HEXBUG ball machine (406-4208)

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We discovered this over the weekend as well.