Slapshot - Gen 2 Hero Bot Help (other threads seem dead soo)

(I commented this on a previous thread but it seemed dead so I decided to make a new one)
For the intake:

(cant take picture atm so have an online image)

So at the back, the intake is apparently wheels that turn and push the disk in, correct? However, when my team built the robot, it seemed that:

a) The disks couldn’t be able to be inputted because of the distance between the wheels and the board.
b) Even if the disks COULD be taken, there’s nowhere for them to go after that, they get stuck between some flaps.
and c) there’s no visible connection between input and output, which our mentor said was at the front.

I can’t find any articles/videos about this topic, because they’re all about the Gen 1 Hero Bot. Please help.

Will delete this post (if possible) if this is explained with a video that I haven’t done enough research to get to.

Two things. If the thread was active 20 days ago, and is a thread that has people commenting on it for a reasonable amount of time, post on it.

So move this over there, delete this and I’ll bet you get a quick answer.

Second, look at the other thread, you may have a hint of an answer.

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it was active a few months ago, if it says 20 days it was because i deleted my comment-

and nobody asked the same question

sorry for your time wasted here