Slapshot Hero Bot Instructions?

Has anyone seen or heard when they are releasing the instructions for the hero bot for next season’s game?

They are not published this year yet. Last year it was instant with the game release, not sure why they changed it up this year.

Maybe this is a good challenge for an experienced MS team who can CAD. Put together a decent minimum bot using only the basic kit that accomplishes parts of the game challenge from this limited part list. Added points (from me) for supporting the wheels on both sides and allowing it to upgrade to omni wheels in at least one position without significant changes. I think the exercise will give a ton of empathy for the folks who design the hero bot and might provide some insight into the challenge overall.

The hero robot instructions are not yet available. I’m sure there will be a post when they are.

I’d recommend following this thread for those details when they are available:


Do you think they will come in both V1 and V2 instructions?

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No promises. There’s a good chance. I have no information on the timelines


I hope they are out soon. Just ordered the game and my kids are dying to try it.

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Need a beta tester? I already plan on going through the build a few times as soon as it drops and putting together another build-along video.


If the instructions really won’t be finished until late summer (what I’m hearing now), can we at least get some photos from different angles so we can use it for our summer camps? Most of the build looks pretty straightforward, but underneath the intake/indexing mechanism isn’t shown in either of the videos.


Agreed, I am hosting a summer camp in early July and was planning on the kids building the hero bot. It is disappointing that the directions are not already out, and may not even be out by then. In my opinion they should be released as soon as the game is. Sorry, but stuff like this delay just drives teams to make youtube bots even more so than normal.


Bold move to try to build any of the herobots in a camp. Last years took new roboteers close to 8 hours to build.

Maybe this is the year you build sensor bots (a “square bot” loaded with all the sensors) and do programming?


Or practice building different types of lifts and intakes and coding those.

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Fortune favors the
But doing a sensor bot is appealing. Still hope they have the plans released by early July though.


Time is limited so I do like the structure of the hero bots for kids that have never built before. Then they can really go design, creative crazy since they have a basic intro.


I’m going with Foster on this one. I had a group last year and the camp counselors main job was keeping the flings together. The path that the discs have to go through looks a little too interesting.

I think the clawbot would work just as well or better for this challenge. It can probably do a lot and is a known solid build. I’ll try the hero bot once it is released and we’ll see.