Slapshot scoring app for iPhone/iPad

I wrote an iOS app to help calculate Slapshot scores. Hopefully some of you will find it useful. Feedback is welcome!

It works with iPhone, iPad, and m1 Macs. It is free to download on the App Store…

Let me know what you think.



Gave it a quick try. Took me a minute to understand the mechanism, but once I did, it was quick to score. I really like the interface over having to tap a ton of times on one zone to score the pucks. Vex could take some notes on future interface ideas!

Also, LOVE that it works with Dark Mode.


Thanks for the feedback! I played around with a few different input methods but the sliders felt easiest to me in the end. The wording around the undispensed and dispensed-but-unscored section was another thing I had to play around with. I’m still not 100% thrilled with it. From a scoring point of view, I wish the zones were named gray=1pt, purple=3pt, blue=4pt, green=5pt, and yellow=2pt. Instead of saying “you get one point for removing a disc from a dispenser” it would be built-in because freeing it from a dispenser would land it into the 1pt zone.

I’m a fellow dark mode user myself so support was a given. =)