Slider setup and Bevel gearing. Help needed.

Hey guys,

I was wondering if its possible to have one slider with multiple sliders I can push out. Example… you have one rack and pinion based on the bottom, and then above that, say you have 2 more, without power. Is it possible to have those extend out aswell, and NOT have them droop. Thanks, also, Is it possible to have one motor power 2 sliders via a bevel gear setup? pictures would be great for any of these.
Thanks again!:smiley:


I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do but I’ll try to help. Could you define what you mean by “slider”. Yes it is possible to power all those rack an pinion gears with one motor but it would take some work and I think high-strength chain would work better for that. Here’s a crude drawing of what I think would work:


slider, being the linear motion kit here : I can’t see the picture however. And high strength chain to move all the sliders (sorry im used to calling them that)

Is this what you’re talking about? A double extending linear lift like 1103 popularized last year?!i=1322058158&k=xq42dQ7&lb=1&s=A
Here’s the link to the image. Yes 1103’s lift would be a good reference for any of your designs.


thanks! I’m going to try this tomorrow!