Slight Slip on Mechanum Wheel Drive


Our team is having trouble with strafing on a Mechanum Drive. It drives forwards and back nicely, and has a decent enough turning speed. But when it strafes, it just slightly nudges out of alignment by like 1 or 2 degrees. Is there any way to fix this? Strafing to the right is straight, but going to the left goes slightly out of alignment.

Our team has been using a mecanum drive for two seasons, and judging by the picture, possible casues could include:
Weight balance- more weight on one half of the robot can cause the strafe to curve
Squareness- Add multiple sideways bars to hold the chassis square and robust.
Chain slack- chain driving two motors could introduce β€œlag” as the chain is tightened before rotational motion is transferred to the wheel.
Cleaning the wheels also may help to some extent. Hope this helps!


I would make sure that all of the wheels are frictionless and spin with ease first. That would be the easiest way to start, and that very well could be your issue.