slightly :extremely: crazy idea...

So, I have been tasked (by myself) to build a candy-delivering robot for Worlds… I’ve got a whole week, and it doesn’t matter that I work and go to school full-time, I’m still gonna try and get it working…

Basic idea: double arm with a small (portion-controlling) bucket for lifting some Skittles from a very low reservoir (~12") up too hand-grabbing height. (~36")

Below is a picture of the basic drawing I have done… I’ve already starting screwing some stuff together, but odds are I’ll get some components constructed, and then put everything together and do some fast testing on the Wednesday of the competition…

Oh, and the thing in the lower right-hand corner is a possible addition for sharing Starbursts as well… (The other option is just to put them in the general pool…)

Any thoughts/suggestions/questions/critiques?

Oh, and any candy suggestions? :smiley:

and in case that doesn’t work, (because it hasn’t):

Did you manage to get your college team off the ground? We have a LOT of pineapple lumps (which are about the same size as a starburst) that we’re giving out to anyone who wants one, and if you have a college team you’ll be near us…

(And the picture is broken (at least for me it is))

So I can’t figure out how to embed pictures, so I just posted the link… :stuck_out_tongue:

And I didn’t get the college team off the ground… :frowning: Unfortunately… But as a mentor, I don’t have a “set” role on my team(s), which means I will spend most of my time promoting my teams… :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I’d love to maybe include something other than starbursts and skittles… Maybe something :slightly: healthy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be around for the pineapple lumps be sure. Mmmmmm.

And also, i love the idea of this robot :slight_smile:

I absolutely LOVE this idea. And I think you already got the two best candy choices out there! :smiley:


only other candy that compares to Starbursts and Skittles are Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this now :smiley:

Haha, true! There’s two more ideas, Joe! :smiley:

Hmmmmm,… S^3= Starbursts x Skittles x Swedish Fish. Brilliant!!!

Ohhh my gosh I didn’t even notice that! Sour Patch is another ‘S’, omg… S^4?!? :confused:


Update: Candy has been purchased, design is moving forward, and aside from any unforseen delays, I’ll have some prototypes/awesome releases in just a few days!

Here’s a sneak-peek! :smiley:

Chocolate: That doesn’t start with S.

It does’t… But as it seems that mostly guys are talking here, I thought I would include some bribes for girls as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, and “special dark” begins with s… :stuck_out_tongue:

and Special Dark is the best type of Hershey’s chocolate, so I think we still win!

A slightly healty choice?? Popcorn? haha just an idea

Or reese’s pieces. Most girls like reese’s pieces. Being a girl…I should know :wink:

Oh yeah, I love Reese’s, good idea, I second that motion.

Welllllllllll… Maybe…

Here’s the deal: Joe is a extremely poor deprived college student, who can barely afford his camera equipment, let alone candy for the many multitudes…

However, for this week, and this week ONLY! YOU can become part of the amazing, the one and only, the colossal, the stupendous, the completely cool, and totally radical candyBOT!!! (I knew I missed my calling in advertising…)

For the next few days, if you feel so inclined to add your candy to the selections that have already been displayed (bottom of page 1), please proceed to travel into the great unknown, and visit There, you will find a PayPal donate button, where you too can join hands and help provide the masses with the energy they need to keep going.

Seriously. If you want more candy selections, donate! I’ll be making another run to the candy store most likely on Tuesday (I have an exclusive membership to Sams Club, thus ensuring low and competitive pricing) where I will purchase any and all requests.

If you do make a donation, put your candy choice in the “Billing Address 2” slot, or, send me an email from the email that provided the donation, and inform me of your candy choice.

Just $5 or $10, and you too can have your name placed on the one-of-a-kind candyBOT, putting your name in the history books!

Ok. In all seriousness, if you couldn’t understand any of that, here are easy directions: go to [, enter all the pertinent info, place your candy type into the “Billing Address Line 2”, and place your order. I’ll get your candy, and I personally guarantee that it will serve it’s place until supplies run out in the candyBOT. Want to have your candy in there longer? Donate more! :smiley:

DISCLAIMER: I will not be responsible for any unforeseen obesity, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, angry parents, upset mentors or jealous team members. I will also not be responsible for any damage received from ingesting candy, being hit by the robot, or being knocked unconscious from it’s shear awesomeness. I also retain the right to change this at any time, with no requirement to inform the users. :smiley:

Ok, that was complete jibberish as well… :P](, enter all the pertinent info, place your candy type into the “Billing Address Line 2”, and place your order. I’ll get your candy, and I personally guarantee that it will serve it’s place until supplies run out in the candyBOT. Want to have your candy in there longer? Donate more! :D)


Just to show y’all that it’s actually happening…

Also, there’s the possibility of a few surprises to be demoed on this robot… :smiley:

girls like any candy… just saying…from a girls perspective


UPDATE: Wheels are being added, and one hopper is complete, with a gate installed and tested.

(you can’t see the wheels in this pic, but they’ll be very fast omnis…)

Anyways… Be looking for the Twisted Botz candyBOT! :smiley: