Slip Gear Assembly

Currently, I’m working on a linear puncher to use for World Championships, and I’m interested in using a slip gear as the firing mechanism. How does one make a slip gear? Do I just file off the teeth I don’t want or is there something else I do to get a slip gear?

Filing would take ages. I would get a dremel if possible and chip away at them while leaving most of the circle of the gear intact. Then you can file away more and more until the slip doesn’t touch the rack gears. A bandsaw could technically also do it, but you would need pliers to do it safely.

A belt sander and then a file for the last bit.

Our teams used a scroll saw. We found that it has better control than a dremel.

A bench grinder is by far the easiest.

We used our mill

Honestly if you take a flat file and clamp the gear in a vice and go to town it takes maybe 5 minutes to file off the gears needed.