Slip Gear Catapult Coding Help

My team is making a catapult this year and we are having trouble coding it. We do not know how to make the catapult reset and go back down to it’s starting position. Any help would be amazing!! Thank you!!

You could try using the motor.spinTo function in vexcode pro v5. It may be different if you are using PROS though. There might be a spinTo block in vexcode blocks.

If you make a catapult similar to the ones in Vex IQ Pitching in last year ( train type) you can use a laser sensor that senses once the beam is blocked and in code you can make the catapult stop and it will be able to properly be coded.

It might work for any catapult I just a used what IQ called a choo choo mechanism and that worked pretty well back when I did IQ but I don’t know for sure this year because my launcher is a flywheel ,but it’s worth a shot.

I would use a bumper switch and have a boolean set to it. You could use it to tell if your cata is up or down