Slip gear causing robot to jump

Because of my slip gear’s power, the entire robot moves when it shoots. Anyone have advice? I’m using string in the back.

You shouldn’t need that much power to shoot full court. Try increasing the distance the puncher goes past where the ball rests; this should reduce the power necessary to shoot full court.

Check your ball contact distance to make sure that you are using the minimum amount of power required to shoot the range you want.

If you are using pneumatics, it is worth it to create a pneumatic brake with anti- slip mats to prevent moving on offense and while shooting the preloads.

If you ensure that you never dry fire you should have a lot less of an issue with moving when the puncher fires.

For a solution to this we designed a passive break that we put down at the start of the match, when we drive backwards we would get off the break (see pictures).

Doesn’t that assume you do loads at the beginning of the match? A strategically less viable time to do loads.

Yes it does, but for this robot it is not much of a disadvantage if we do them in 10secs., especially if you make more of your preload.

Change the point where you mount the shooter. Keep it in the same place but increase the distance of the path between the actual screw mount and the base of the robot. The force will need more time to propagate down to the base and thus it should jump less.

Thanks. Awesome LED’s ! How did you guys power those LEDs? Through cortex’s digital ports? If so, how did you address power to those ports?