Slip Gear Destruction

So, our team had some time to kill, and we had a WONDERFUL idea of seeing how powerful our slip gear really is. Here you have our slip gear “launching” an apple. Hope you guys enjoy some recreational fun of robotics.

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It might have worked better if your puncher had a flat plate instead of screws, so that it wouldn’t have punctured the apple.

I know what I might be doing in the off season :slight_smile: but with 10 motors and more rubber bands… :wink:

What is this off season you speak of? I’ve only been in VEX for 2 years, but I’ve never seen an off season.

Technically there is no off season like there is in FIRST, but many teams don’t start working on the new game until the next school year starts in September.

Also, teams that don’t qualify for states or worlds have an actual off season.

I was referring to this off time (the time in between states and worlds) but it may not work because the teacher sponsor will be so sick of robotics that off-season there will be no robotics or I make it to worlds… so the only chance of me actually having off-season is if a sister team qualifies for worlds and my team does not.

Well we originally did that because it wasn’t actually moving too far anyway to begin with because of the mass difference of the apple and the ball. We were wanting to show the puncture damage of our slip gear applying a force to the ball.

That is why I want to try 10 motors and lots more rubber bands :slight_smile: