Slip gear help?!!

Few questions about slip gear. I am doing one just like 2R, the 3 motor versions.

  1. Best way to stop the puncher.
  2. Do you guys use rails for the sliding piece or something else? Cause rails are pretty unstable.

What exactly do you mean by stop? I am aware that some teams attach a string to the back of their slip gear, but our team just has a nylock knut that the inner slides collide with after the gear has been released.

We personally don’t use rails, instead we use linear slides. I’m actually curious as to how your team used rails on your slip gear prototype. Perhaps your team could upload some pictures so we can help you out better? Thanks!

We use rails on ours, but we use the ones with the plastic slider. The plastic on metal causes less friction than the metal on metal did. Four our stop, we used a piece of steel C channel, and put long screws through them. When that still bent under the pressure, we put a new piece in with spacers in the C channel so it couldn’t bend. This has worked great for us.

Use string.

We find the best way is string too.

How are you incorporating rails with linear slide trucks? Any Pics?

I’m going to go with “rails” in this case translates to linear slides, rather than chassis rails. That makes far more sense in this instance.

It would make more sense but Vex has a lot of engineers coming up with a lot of cool stuff.

What we were hoping to do if we make it past regionals is to setup a nautilis cam based shooter that way we don’t have to deal with a track or slip gear. They tend to skip and catch as well as just damage the robot in general so.

A nautilus gear requires linear slides as well, but are more finicky than slip gears.

How many teeth are people shaving off? We have 5 shabed off on a 36 tooth. Will more teeth taken off increase the fire rate?

No, it will reduce the draw distance, so you will need more elastic so. However, it will allow the gear to slip properly. You want to have as few teeth removed as possible, while also keeping a small margin of error as far as having no teeth in contact with the rack gear, so you don’t need to stop the motors while the gear is slipping.