Slip Gear Launcher Help

Hey, I saw your post for your slip gear launcher and was wondering if you could help me in making one for my robot. Right now we have a flywheel which shoots full court but it isnt that efficient at doing it. I was hoping if i can make a slip gear launcher and then have a flywheel that does mid-court and fender shots.

Just keep in mind that motor usage will accumulate over the number of mechanisms you choose to use. A slip gear is definitely plausible though. Do you have any specific questions in regards to a slip gear (how it’s made, tips for efficiency)?

Would you know a good way to make the gear and what gears to use? I was thinking of making the puncher design and to use it just for the human feeder loads. Also how would i make the moving part when it slips.

High strength gears are typical of what I have seen. I have seen various sizes of the slip gear too (36 and 60 tooth versions are most popular). I guess you could use others. There are two ways to make it and I suggest the first

A high strength shaft has been used a ton too but not 100% of the cases.

  1. Sand/Grind away the gears until you have a flat section of a circle. Make sure you grind enough away so it does not catch on the linear rack gears of the puncher. Please clean your grinder wheel afterwards as plastic and stone gets all gunked up.

  2. Cut the gear like a pie wedge. We had one crack at the center and thus became useless. Keeping the outer circle intact helps with the gear remaining useful over time. So see #1 for a better way.