Slip gear program

How do we program a Slip Gear? We have just started out and we aren’t sure how to program it exactly. Thanks

essentially, you dont program it, you just run it like a normal gear, and then when it reaches its shaved off point, it slips and releases, im not sure what your asking

How in this world do you program a slip gear? Does it have a chip inside of it? I don’t think that’s VEX Legal…

Lol just kidding I understand what you’re saying xD
What are you using it for? A catapult? If it’s a catapult then just make the gear be programmed normally and it should just automatically pull back and ‘slip’ forward…

CATaclysm Delta_II We are using it as a catapult! Thanks.

so, the motors will just run, and then whenever the gear turns enough the gear reaches teh shaved part, and then the rubber bands or whatever your using pull arm and the gear forward,