Slip gear puncher slide?

Hello all,
My team is currently building a slip gear puncher.
What are you guys using as a track for the puncher to slide on?
Thanks in advance.

A rack is usually used with a slip gear. A good illustration of this is 2R’s linear puncher.

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yah 2R is a good launcher. If i am not wrong they do use a rack. One of the other teams in my club used 1 motor to make a slip gear launcher. I believe they have the motor driving a 12 tooth gear to a 32 tooth gear then to their slip gear. ( I am not 100% sure on how they geared the motor because I am not on their team ). Their # is 8931C

I might have interpreted your question wrong. If you are looking for the thing that the puncher slides on, it would be a linear slider. The puncher would have a delrin slide track attached to it, which would slide freely across the linear sliders.

If you are lucky enough to have the old style sliders they work too. Out of production for a few years now though.