Slip gear puncher

This past week, I have been working on a linear puncher design that will work in conjunction with our single flywheel so that we can launch driver load balls at two times the speed. I am using the standard design with sliders, racks, and a slip gear (dont have pictures at the moment). I have 5 rubber bands on each side attached to standoffs at the front of the puncher, which seems to be too much to pull back with two torque motors without external gearing which I would prefer not to do if it isn’t necessary. At the moment this amount of rubber bands seems to be a necessary configuration to launch balls from the alliance tiles. Does anyone have any idea what could be done to reduce the force needed to pull back the puncher so that I could keep it at two motors (since we have 10 already) or what could be affecting the launching distance adversely. I will post pics as soon as possible tomorrow. Thanks!

Maybe gear for torque? Only real way to is either:

  1. Decrease launch power (goes at higher angle, less balls per minute)
    -Remove rubber bands and fine tune until a suitable launch power is discovered
  2. use a gearbox for torque (Less balls per minute, lower angle, higher velocity)
    -Overall a much better option

How far back are you pulling the rubber bands? I don’t remember the exact distance of our prototype but it shoots full court with only 2 rubber bands on each side.

We have 29T slip gear that pulls back our linear puncher 3". It has a total of four #64 rubber bands. It could only shoot half court until we made it only just contact the ball a little bit. Now it overshoots by a lot.

Correct me if I am wrong, but does that mean that the less contact the ball, the further it shoots?

No, there is an ideal contact distance.

Ok I see. How does one determine the idea contact distance?

Just experiment and see what works best for your design. It will vary depending on the surface that contacts the ball and other factors.