Slip Gear Ratio

Hello guys, I am fairly new to VEX, I am just here to get some slip gear ratio for the VEX game.

The ratios that a robot uses for a slip gear are going to be different for each robot. If one robot has more motors on their launcher than another than they might have different ratios to power their slip gear. If a team wants a very fast pull back on their launcher than they could have a different ratio than a team that wants more power at the cost of a longer pull back. So the ratio that you use on your slip gear will vary depending on how you want use it. That’s my opinion at least. :slight_smile:

What kind of slip gear are you making and for which game? Slip gear punchers were popular in nbn but probably won’t be popular in starstruck

Are the stars light? I think you still need a form of launcher to throw the stars over efficiently. Slip gear catapults would be good to see.

In order for the slip gear launcher to be good, it needs to be two or less motors- the amount you lose by using pnuematics. A full tank of pnuematics should be able to, with proper tuning, launch stars for the duration of the match.

.6 lbs +or- 15%. So a little heavier than NBN balls, but still quite light.

That’s 5 times the weight of a ball. .6 lbs is 240 grams, compared to the 50 grams of the NBN balls. They are closer to the toss-up beach balls.

Pnuematics may not even be viable this year. Remeber that in toss up, most catapults could only fling a ball maybe 4-5 times on a single tank, and most teams had 4-6 tanks. These stars are a little heavier than those beach balls and cannot be launched as easily since they require larger platforms.

So, I am thinking of using slip gear puncher for StarStruck, similar idea as NbN, and I think it will work. The question is what gear ratio would be the fastest

It will be dependent on how many motors you use and how much force you need to launch the star/cube. AFAIK, nobody has tested a puncher for the stars or cubes. Also, one issue I foresee with a puncher, and I could be wrong about this or you’ve found a solution, is hitting a star off-center and putting energy into spin instead of linear motion. The cubes might be too squishy and too heavy for efficient energy transfer, compressing the cube between the puncher and the cube’s inertia.

Yea, have you had the game elements to play around with? The cubes will most likely not be affected as much as you think by a puncher

Also the punchers used last year had much less surface area that contacts the game object

No, but what I plan to do is have the slip gear puncher, but extending the area of the puncher, so it has a greater chance of hitting the stars

Do you have a slip gear launcher that you made for Nbn? I think you will see it is hard to make a launcher that contacts the stars enough without wasting a lot of motors. It was hard to get a 2 motor puncher to shoot a nbn ball a good distance but something that is almost 5x the weight will probably not work

I would try it, but if it isn’t a great thing dont do it,

True Dat, but by objective is not to launch the stars though, it is mostly for practice, knowing slip gear will be useful.

It does depend on what you want to do if you want to shoot fast and have arguably less power then if you geared for more power

Why not do a slip gear catapult? The only issue I see is that you would have to have a lock to keep it down while loading if the motors do not hold it down. You would also have to push the catapult into the ground to get it to release. I see it being much more effective than a slip gear puncher though.

I agree, it will need a locking mechanism but it should still be more effective than a punch